How To Use SamFw FRP Tool

On this page, we will learn how to use SamFw FRP Tool. Please follow the following steps.

01. Download Samsung USB Driver on your computer. Then, install it. Otherwise, never the FRP tool detect your Samsung device.

Samsung USB Driver

02. Download SamFw FRP Tool on your computer. Then, follow the following steps.

Download SamFw Tool

03. Now, open the tool (SamFwFRPTool.exe).

SamFw Tool

04. After opening the tool, you will see the following user interface.

SamFw Tool

05. Now, connect your Samsung device to MTP Mode. Then, follow the following steps.

06. Then, go to the emergency on your Samsung device.

SamFw FRP Bypass Tool

07. Now, dial *#0*# to enable AT Mode. Otherwise, you will never remove the FRP lock.

SamFw FRP Bypass Tool

08. After dialing *#0*#, you will see the service menu on your Samsung device. i.e., Sensor checking, Touch checking, Speaker checking, etc. In this step, you have nothing to do. Just follow the following steps.

Servive menu

09. Return to the tool and go to *#0*# Mode tab. Then, click on the Remove FRP.

Remove FRP

10. After clicking on the Remove FRP, you will see a pop-up message on your Samsung device that says to click Allow for enabling ADB.

Allow ADB

11. Now, click Allow. Then, follow the following steps.

FRP Bypass

12. FRP removal on your Samsung device is successful. If FRP removal is successful on your device, you will see Removing Ok message.

FRP Bypass

Congratulations! you learned about removing or bypassing the FRP lock on the Samsung device. If you are looking for more tutorials for Removing the FRP lock on Samsung devices, click here to get More Tutorials.